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Files with file extension APK are used by Google Android operating system to distribute applications. APK stands for Android Package File.

APK file contains everything required to install Android application on a device. It includes manifests, executable code compiled for multiple platforms, media resources, security certificates and other required files.

APK file has the same format as ZIP archive file and could be opened using applications which can open ZIP files. Examples of such applications include WinRAR, WinZIP, 7-Zip. Links to them are available in “Useful URLs” section of our site.

If you extract information from the APK file using ZIP unarchiving application you can view individual files from APK package using applications suitable for viewing that specific type of file.

You can install APK file on any compatible Android device similar to how you install application on a PC. When you download an app from Google Play store you instruct your device to download an APK file with app executable code and install it. You can also install Android application from a developer website by downloading APK file using web browser. By default the installation of the APK files downloaded from the internet is disabled on Android devices. To enable installation of any APK file on your devices follow our instructions on How to install APK file page.

It is important to know that it is not recommended to download and install APK files from untrusted sources. Such files could contain pirated content, viruses or tracking software. Installing malicious APK file and running an application from it could make significant damage.