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AndroidManifest.XML File Structure

Below are all possible sections which could be present in AndroidManifest.xml with comments about their functions.

<?xml version="1.0"encoding="utf-8"?>



Permissions which application requires to function properly. These permissions are granted during application installation process.



Specifies permissions for access control to specific components of the apps. permission-tree and permission-group are used to structure permissions in convenient format.
Specifies a class for instrumentation where Android operating system will send information about application execution and its interaction with operating system and device.

Defines Android SDK version compatibility of the app.

Specifies hardware requirements and device features required by the app.

Used to inform any external entity about hardware features dependencies of the app.

Supported screen sizes and formats. Specifies how app should be scaled depending on the screen size.

Specifies with which screen sizes application is compatible.

Specifies GL texture compression format supported by the app.

Application section defines behavior of the app based on the user interface state.

Defines an activity for an app user interface.








            <intent-filter>. . . </intent-filter>




Declares a service as one of the application components. Services don’t have a visual interface and are used to support long-running background processes. All services that application exposes must be defined here because otherwise operating system will not see them.

            <intent-filter>. . . </intent-filter>




            <intent-filter>. . . </intent-filter>